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Pray For Representative Giffords!

Once again we reap the violent fruit of a society that has effectively forced God out of daily life. Regardless of your political views, we as Christians MUST pray; not only for Rep. Giffords to be healed but that God would have mercy on this nation.

As Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ we have to be willing to stand in the gap for America through prayer. But we also need to get actively engaged in witnessing to others about the Law of God, sin, the Cross, repentance and faith. When's the last time you thought about Judgment Day and what that will mean to people who haven't repented of their sins (Luke 15:7)?

The Church in America needs to stand up and take responsibility for the failures of American society. It's time to stop playing church and start BEING the Church. When that happens, we'll see the power of God go to work.

For more on Representative Giffords you can go here.


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