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Treasure in My Pocket
I have a treasure in my pocket,
It’s just a small black book.
I have a treasure in my pocket,
Would you care to have a look?

4/12/2010 |  Read More

Hope and Change? How About Blessed Hope!
For all the talk here in America about "Hope and Change" I think it's obvious that nothing's really going to change; at least not for the better. Yet people talk about having "hope." The question is, hope in what?
1/24/2009 |  Read More

Jesus Marveled!
In the New Testament there are a number of people who “marveled” at Jesus: the disciples, “the people”, the Jews, the Pharisees, and even Pontius Pilate. But I can only find two times that Jesus “marveled” at someone or something. In Matthew 8:10 (Luke 7:9 also) He marveled at the faith of the centurion. So what about the other time Jesus “marveled”?
1/16/2009 |  Read More

Look Up!
It’s easy to get discouraged when you look around the world today. Immorality is almost “the norm” these days regardless of what we look at. Government, society, even “the church” seems to be filled with sin. So what can we do?
1/12/2009 |  Read More

Ever Have One of Those Days?
You get up early in the morning and spend some quality time with the Lord in prayer and Scripture reading. You feel like you’ve really connected with Him and you’re ready to start your day. Everything seems to go well for a time and then all of a sudden, the bottom falls out. Sound familiar?
1/7/2009 |  Read More

Let Us Now Go!
Put yourself in the place of these lowly shepherds for a moment. Imagine what it must have been like as they were out tending their flocks, not expecting anything other than the usual quiet night. The only sounds you would here are the gentle voices of the sheep; perhaps a shepherd playing a tune on a pipe; maybe a lonely song. In the midst of all of that usual routine heaven suddenly breaks forth in the person of “the angel of the Lord!”
12/25/2007 |  Read More

Peace on Earth!
Christmas is the time of year when people from all walks of life and all religious persuasions like to talk about “peace on earth.” For some it becomes an all-consuming political passion that goes with them throughout the year. Still, it’s Christmas time that you’ll see greeting cards, ads and TV commercials proclaiming “Peace on Earth.”
12/23/2007 |  Read More