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Have We Had Enough Yet?
A couple of narcissistic liars running for President. A current President who has spent his time in office lying and stirring up hatred and strife. A corrupt Justice department giving a pass to one of the above mentioned liars because she's above the law. Politicized police shootings. Islamic terrorism. And now a man shoots a bunch of police officers, killing five of them, because he hated white people. And the government's proposed solution? Some "tough discussions" and more "gun control" laws. Had enough yet?
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What Would Jesus Do About The Debt Ceiling?
According to Charles Rangel (D- NY), members of Congress should be asking what Jesus would do about the debt. It’s an interesting thought, considering what an unethical man Mr. Rangel has revealed himself to be. Suddenly, he and other Democrats want to frame the argument as a “moral” question. Why? To convince voters that somehow he and his Democrat cronies are doing “the Lord’s work.”
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