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Remember Our Brothers and Sisters in The Middle East
Christians are being persecuted around the world and particularly in the Middle East. Please remember them in your prayers. Also, check out this slideshow.
7/26/2014 |  Read More

Pray For Representative Giffords!
Once again we reap the violent fruit of a society that has effectively forced God out of daily life. Regardless of your political views, we as Christians MUST pray; not only for Rep. Giffords to be healed but that God would have mercy on this nation.
1/8/2011 |  Read More

Pray for God's mercy and deliverance for the 33 man trapped in a mine in Chile. Pray for wisdom for those who are attempting to rescue them. Pray for the families of everyone involved. Pray that God would use this event to bring many to Christ! For more.
8/27/2010 |  Read More

Time For Prayer - Part 4 of 4
Knowing about prayer and learning the reasons why we should pray are really quite useless until we actually take the time to pray. This last part of Pastor David Legge's short series on prayer should challenge you to make the time to pray.
8/1/2010 |  Read More

Fasting and Prayer - Part 3 of 4
Pastor David Legge makes the case for why the Church may be lacking apostolic power. Personally, I believe he's absolutely right. This one needs to be read several times.
7/13/2010 |  Read More

Answers and Prayer - Part 2 of 4
Another challenging message by Pastor David Legge regarding receiving specific answers to specific prayers that we lift to God. Ever wonder about the prayer of faith? If so, please don't miss this message! Read it by following this link.
6/24/2010 |  Read More

Please be in prayer for Joni Eareckson Tada. This morning she announced they have discovered she has breast cancer. She is scheduled for a mastectomy at 3 PM, Monday, at Los Robles Hospital. Additionally, please keep her husband, Ken, in prayer. Sometimes it can be emotionally much harder for the spouse, than it is for the person actually enduring it.
6/24/2010 |  Read More

The Lord and Prayer - Part 1 of 4
This sermon on prayer by Pastor David Legge may open your eyes to what we're missing when we neglect prayer. It's not just the blessings we miss but the real blessing of God's presence within our lives. Don't miss this message!
6/22/2010 |  Read More

Day of Prayer Declared Over Gulf Disaster
Finally, some legislators in Louisiana have recognized the failings of men. They've declared Sunday, June 20, 2010 as a day of prayer for God's intervention in the oil disaster. For more on this go here. REMEMBER TO PRAY!
6/20/2010 |  Read More